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The story of this restaurant’s idea and why I wanted to open it in Port Saint Joe

I don’t remember exactly the moment I started cooking and enjoying it. I have memories of myself putting a mess in my mother’s kitchen, inspired by a cartoon staging a little chef on TV. I wanted to do the same. I also went thyme and rosemary, as well as other aromatic herbs, picking with my grand-mother in the ‘’Drôme’’ (a beautiful French region). I did my cooking apprenticeship in Swissair before being a cook in the Swiss army.

As I returned from the army, I spent 15 years working for the United Nations, where I had different positions, but I mainly worked in relationship with cooking. At some point, I felt like changing jobs and I got hired has the bar manager of a vintage cinema called

« Cinéma Bio ». There I spent five wonderful years. In the meantim. I passed a certificate in permaculture design in an association called  ‘’The unruly seed’’. I am not an inflexible ecologist, but I think that making efforts at all levels could be a good start.

The idea of opening an autonomous restaurant came as an evidence, but where ? My family and I had already travelled quite a lot and we fell in love for the small village of Port Saint Joe. Situated in the Gulf of Mexico. This little town surrounded by nature has got a retro style to it and made us feel like we could be in the trendy years of the 1950s. The atmosphere there is great and it is full of big-hearted people, as the reputation says it. Plus, some of my cousins, as well as a great-uncle, already live in the US. From this, we started the administrative procedure, and this is how TIGF (This Is Garden Food) has been created !

I would like to thank my American and my Swiss family, the foundation of the Cinéma Bio, the local market store (Antoine et Nathalie), Design Restaurant, the typographer Alix, the trainer in permaculture Damien Dekarz,, my great team of the bar, without forgetting about all of the bar clients who have supported me with my project.



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